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genius child academy

is the first academy teach programming and designing robots

Our qualified teachers have a specific aim to develop your child’s personal, social, emotional and physical skills, alongside their communication and language.

Our teachers work with children to use stimulating play based learning experiences to build upon their knowledge and understanding of the world.



Years Old Class Size Age
4-5 34 12

Pingus English

Years Old Class Size Age
4-5 34 12


Years Old Class Size Age
4-5 34 12

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It's a highly qualified place where you can find everything you need for your child.
Amany Hagag
I'm so proud of being one of this wonderful team and have a unique manager like MR Hany
Sahar Samir
Very good academy .learn kids a lot of things not English only .and make them happy all of time.
Zozo Mody


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14 El Ekhlas Mosque Street, next to Kentucky Banha, next to the Housing Directorate